"Christen is the energizer bunny that we all need when faced with tasks that involve organizing a daunting space. She brings a smiling face, unlimited energy, and a toolbox full of ideas on how to make the organizing process work seamlessly. If you have a task in front of you that you have been putting off, give Christen a call, you will feel so good when you bask in the glory of your completed project. "

Chanin Miinazik Owner, BrownDogDesign Doylestown, PA



"What a fun day!
You are really amazing at this.
I am so glad that you can step in and move me forward so quickly! It's like I'm swimming along in a big mess and then a big wave comes along and throws me into a neatly organized space."

Jennifer P. in Yardley, PA 

​Garage, Shed, Office

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"I would never have been able to accomplish and organize all of the many areas in my home without you! Your ideas and understanding of how to help a chronically disorganized person and help change my habits and find solutions were fantastic. I am so happy and lucky that you have come into our lives to help us! I appreciate your follow up immensely and value all the hard work you have put into researching and implementing changes and new systems. Thank you! Thank you!"

Lisa G. in Huntingdon Valley, PA Basement, Garage, Office


"Christen is amazing!!! We spent the day yesterday and what a huge gift she has!!! She also has this ability to see what it is you need and let's you be yourself and also so encouraging! Oh and she keeps you focused!! It's amazing!! I thought purging my basement storage was going to be overwhelming, but it was fun!"
Siobhan Spears – Phillipsburg, NJ


"Christen shines with everything she does. Fortunately for her clients, this is delivered with true enthusiasm in helping them create organization out of chaos and clutter. This is a gift, and with Christen, it's wrapped neatly in a box of organizational expertise. At a recent Women's Business Forum morning meeting introduction session, Christen said how much she literally loves being "knee deep in clutter". Isn't that who YOU would call to help get out from under a mess?! I know I did."
- LisaBeth Weber, creativebizhub.com

Carversville, PA

​Living Room, Garage

"Before I hired Christen, I was overwhelmed with anxiety...not even sure what to let go over, what was a priority. After hiring her for a week...I had a new lease on life. The best money and time I ever spent. I feel renewed! She's not just an organizer but a life coach, drill Sargent (in a very good way), mentor, guide and best friend all rolled into one! She wasn't about just organizing and labeling things...she took the time to talk to me, coach me, challenge me and guide me to a place of peace. And I don't use "peace" lightly. The most conscientious person I've ever had the pleasure to work with!!!"

Jennifer S., Washington Crossing, PA

Office, Papers, Files, Productivity

​Christen came into our lives when we were getting ready to put our house on the market. She was an angel! Always on time, prepared, in good humor and always positive. After living in our house, complete with three sons and a dog, for 26 years, there was a lot to get rid of and organize. Christen tackled all of it in a systematic, highly organized way. 

We did different parts of the house -- attic, family room, bedrooms, kitchen, basement, garage -- in stages. Christen had sources for recycling, free-cycling (to keep things out of the landfill), and more. She was gentle but firm when faced with a question of whether to keep something. She has a great sense of humor and an optimistic viewpoint. Her personality is sunny (which you can see in her smile). She knows how to work with people and does it beautifully. She has high energy and is in great shape -- can easily lift heavy boxes and bulky items and has the coordination of an athlete. No task is too difficult for her, as long as it helps achieve the end-goal! It made me laugh when I realized the worst mess actually gets Christen excited. She loves the mess because she knows she'll get it organized! She's amazing. Anyone who hires her is smart -- and lucky. She truly was our secret weapon -- without her it would have been SO much harder to get our house ready to sell. All I can say is thank you, Christen! 

"I am delighted to recommend iOrganize and Christen Fackler without reservation. Christen is practical, creative, efficient with use of time, and dedicated. She has made a real difference in how effectively we use the existing space in our house."

Ellen Schwartz, Elkins Park, PA

​Attic, Basement, Kitchen