• Complimentary Phone Consultation
  • 30 Minute On-Site Consultation - $75 Can be applied to future appointment.
  • 3 hour project $225
  • 6 hour project $420
  • 12 hour project $780

​Services Included:

​1. The enthusiasm, motivation, and guidance of an experienced professional. We provide both the objectivity and organizational skills needed to assist clients in completing projects, leaving them with a clear space and a new outlook. We offer emotional and physical support when deciding how to let go.


2. Removal of unwanted items. General donations, old electronics, recycling & trash.  *Limited to 1 SUV load. **All other unwanted items such as large items, furniture & toxic materials can be removed by other resources that we can provide you with.

3. Customized organizational systems that work specifically for your habits and lifestyle.

​4. Customized checklist of tasks for you and for us to accomplish pre or post appointment.

5. Accountability and support by your chosen method of communication.

6. Access to our labeler, w/ labels, garbage bags, sorting bins/boxes, post-it notes, & misc. items.

​7. Onsite shredding. *By request.


We organize anything, in any room, in any household. From up in the attic, down to the basement.

Step 1: Contact us to schedule a 30 minute consultation visit. We can meet with you to make sure we are a perfect fit for each other!

Step 2: Discuss how we can best utilize our time with you according to your budget, goals, visions, habits, and motivation level. Then setup an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide estimates of how long it will take? 

Because every situation is unique, providing estimates is fairly unrealistic. Your habits, efficiency, communication, vision and decision making skills can vary immensely. Understanding your goals and budget will assist us in moving you forward as efficiently and quickly as possible. You lead the way on how you want  to best utilize our time together. Once, we discover our focus areas, you can pick and choose the direction that best suits your personal goals.

What can I do to be most cost efficient?

We often find areas that require deeper attention and can be very tedious to address. During or after each session there will be side tasks for both you and us. We will create a list with ideas and tasks related to the project. This helps us break down the project by designating, delegating and tracking the smaller side tasks in order to keep focus on the main goal. We will also check in with you periodically to keep you focused or route you on! The most important aspect of the speed of our service is how much work you handle on your own. Clients who complete assigned tasks allow us to move forward at a quicker pace. This will save you money if you are concerned about budget. For other ways to save, ask about our referral program!

What if I need to purchase new containers or organization tools?

Research for the correct and customized tools and containers is included in your service. We are happy to guide you in the right direction. We do offer shopping options, upon request. If you need assistance placing orders online, you may ask iOrganize to help during your billable service hours. 

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Service Areas

​Our most common areas of service are in Central and Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania. If your location is in or around these areas below give us a call. We usually will travel up to one hour. 

We are willing to provide service outside our general service area. We have travelled to Connecticut, Florida and New Jersey to work with clients. Inquire for more details.